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Igenity® Canine Wellness for Veterinary Professionals

Igenity Canine Wellness is now available!

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How does genetic risk influence patient care?

Genetic background can influence health, physical traits and even behavior. Igenity Canine Wellness is a test designed to predict a percentage of the heritable component for relatively common, actionable diseases diagnosed in veterinary medicine. 

Awareness of genetic risk can allow veterinary professionals to make more informed recommendations on diet, diagnostic screening and lifestyle to enable a longer and happier life for the pet and their family.

Lifestyle Genetics Environment

How does it work?

1. Collect Sample

Using a kit from Neogen, cheek cells are collected in an easy and non-invasive way using a cytology swab.  The best time to collect a sample is at one of the first puppy exams. 

2. Link Kit

Prior to mailing the samples, go online to link the kit barcode to the patient.  Samples can be mailed in the original box via USPS, postage is pre-paid.

3. Learn & Educate

Results are returned via e-mail within 2-3 weeks after the sample arrives at the lab.  Review the report and discuss findings and follow-up recommendations with clients at the next puppy visit.

All it takes is a simple cheek swab!

Order Canine Igenity Wellness kits from Neogen to have on-hand for new puppy exam visits.  Sample collection using a cytology swab with a brush on the end is quick and easy and can be done in the exam room.  Don’t forget to go online to link the sample to the patient prior to mailing samples back to the lab.

Image of Test Kit

Join us!

As the field of canine genomics grows, veterinarians and geneticists will continue to identify and investigate how genetics influences canine health and wellness.  Igenity Canine Wellness predicts a portion of the heritable component of disease.  While we do not yet know all of the genetic factors – or their specific interactions with the environment and lifestyle – this technology is rapidly advancing. We are very optimistic about the future of this science, based on our experiences with other species and the overall technology trends we see in the world around us.