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Sample Collection

Sample Collection Instructions

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Igenity Canine Wellness will be available for all pet parents through participating veterinary clinics very soon.  Explore our website to learn more and sign up to receive updates.

Igenity Canine Wellness is a DNA test available exclusively from participating veterinary hospitals.  A cheek swab sample is collected during a routine exam room visit.  The procedure is quick, simple and painless – the soft bristles on the end of swab collect cells from cheek and gums of the pet.  Once the sample is collected, the veterinary staff will complete a quick registration process online and send the sample to Neogen’s GeneSeek lab in Lincoln, Nebraska for testing.  Results are returned to the veterinarian in 2-3 weeks to review with the client at the next exam visit.

Sample Collection is quick, simple, and painless!

Step One
Step 1: Write dog’s ID/name on enclosed barcode stickers, and place one on both swab sleeves. The third sticker is to be retained by you for tracking purposes.
Step Two
Step 2: To open sleeve, pull back loose ends 1 inch. Without touching bristles, use handle to remove swab from package.
Step 3
3: Place bristles under lip between gum and cheek. Apply pressure on muzzle while rolling bristles for 15 seconds.
Step 4
4: Air dry swab for 5 minutes, not allowing bristles to touch anything. Place swab, bristles first, into original sleeve. The end of the swab sleeve can be left unsealed.
5: Place both swabs in box and remove the adhesive strip at the end of the lid to seal the box closed for shipping.
Don’t forget to link the swabs to the individual animal at vet.neogen.com. Mail via U.S. Postal Service – postage is pre-paid.