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Igenity® Canine Wellness for Pet Owners

Igenity Canine Wellness is now available!

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Just like with people, DNA testing can inform pet healthcare

Igenity Canine Wellness is simple, stress-free and painless, and uses the same advanced technology that is popular for human ancestry and personalized healthcare!

Igenity tests are done during routine puppy exams. Test results guide veterinary care for your pet in the future. Results also identify things you can do and watch for at home to keep your pet healthy.

How does it work?

1. Sample Collection

The best time to test is during your puppy’s first exam. The veterinarian professional uses a small brush to collect cells from your dog’s mouth for testing.

2. Testing

Results come back to your veterinarian two to three weeks after samples get to the lab. They will go over the results with you at your next visit and can e-mail or print the report for you.

3. Personalized Care

With these results in hand, your veterinarian will give you ideas on feeing and taking care of your dog that you can do at home. Just because a dog is at higher risk does not mean they will get an illness. Instead, the DNA test will help you know what to watch for at home. Many conditions cause less harm and are easier to treat when diagnosed earlier.