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Genetic background can influence health, physical traits and even behavior. Igenity Canine Wellness is a test designed to predict a percentage of the heritable component for relatively common, actionable diseases diagnosed in veterinary medicine. Awareness of genetic risk can help both veterinary professionals and pet parents care for pets on a more individualized basis.

Exam visits

Knowledge of predisposed risk factors will help veterinary professionals choose necessary diagnostic screening tests such as ultrasound or blood work throughout a patient’s life to detect possible health issues early. Results will help doctors and staff provide better care for patients during surgical procedures and may help them reach a diagnosis faster in the case of an emergency visit.

Care at home

With results in hand, pet parents can be prepared for possible health emergencies that could occur during a pet’s life and know what to do in case of an emergency.  Genetics can also influence decisions on the best food for your dog and lifestyle & enrichment to make sure your pet lives and happy and fulfilled life.