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How long does it take to get results?

Generally, test results are available two to three weeks after samples are received at the lab. Once testing is complete, results are sent to the veterinary hospital that ordered the test and are available to be shared via email or printed copy to the pet parent at the next exam visit.

Are other sample types accepted?

Only cytology brushes supplied with Igenity Canine Wellness kit boxes are accepted for this test.  Samples must be returned to the lab in the original kit box. 

Do results include breed analysis?

Igenity Canine Wellness does not report breed composition. People interested in doing a breed test can consider such products as the Wisdom Panel™.

I'm a pet owner. How do I order?

Igenity Canine Wellness is available from participating veterinary clinics. Have your veterinarian contact NEOGEN to get started!

How do I contact your company?

Pet Parents — please direct any questions about your dog’s test to your veterinarian. Neogen is here to support them should they have any additional questions.

Veterinary clinics requesting support can reach Neogen GeneSeek Operations at
877-443-6489 or email CanineIgenity@NEOGEN.com.

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